One more time: Complex Networks 2019!

Last week’s Complex Networks conference in Lisbon was exactly as cool as I expected. Three days full* of outstanding talks, inspiring discussions, and meeting new people and old acquaintances. During the conference, I did quite a bit of live tweeting. So, this post is essentially a collection of my Twitter threads from Complex Networks. Check them if you missed the conference or just want to recap some of the talks! Many of the talks were based on open data and introduced publicly available tools. I’ve tried to include the details in the tweets.

I’ve written all the tweets in quite a hurry during the conference. So, there are a bunch of typos and weird formulations (some of them are pretty interesting: who writes ‘code’ instead of ‘go’?). Sorry for this!


Réka Albert on Network‐based dynamic modeling of biological systems: toward understanding and control

Ulrik Brandes on A positional approach to network science

Jari Saramäki on Temporal networks: past, present, future (Note that Jari’s slides are available on his web page)

Michalis Vazirgiannis on Machine learning for graphs kernels

Stefan Thurner on How to eliminate systemic risk from financial multi-layer networks

Oral sessions:

O1A: Social reputation and influence (that in the end turned out to be mostly community detection; never mind, a good session in any case), containing talks by Kota Ishida, Salvatore Citraro, Giulio Rossetti, Mauro Faccin, Jerry Scripps, Yu Wang, and Mark Ditsworth

O2A: Dynamics on/of networks, containing talks by Osnat Mokryn, Lorenzo Zino, Raphaël Charbey, Malte Renken, Leonhard Horstmeyer, Lluís Arola, and Flavio Pinheiro

O3A: Network analysis and measure, containing talks by Sergio Cobo-López, Sara Heydari, Benjamin Renoust, Nelson Antunes, Roberto Interdonato, Gerrit Jan de Bruin, and Anil Vullikanti

O5B: Diffusion and epidemics, containing talks by Danica Vukadinovic Greetham, Gerrit Großmann, Theresa Migler, Giulio Rossetti, Alberto Ceria, and Pedro Calheiros Souto

The talk by Catharina Graafland from this session is placed very weirdly in the thread. But one can find it here:

O7B: Synchronization, resilience, and control, containing talks by Mira Partha, Richard La, Jan Korbel, Masaki Chujyo, Roberto Interdonato (presenting the work of Clara Pizzuti, Annalisa Socievole and Piet Van Mieghem), Marco Grassia, and Sang-Hwan Gwak

O8C: Network neuroscience, containing talks by Samaneh Esfandiary, Bram Siebert, Marinho Lopes, Zarina Rakhimberdina, Ruaridh Clark, and Loredana Bellantuono

O9B: Multilayer networks, containing talks by Roberto Interdonato, Chris U. Carmona, Blaž Škrlj, Marya Bazzi, and Pimprenelle Parmentier

* Excluding the afternoon I took off to enjoy the beautiful Lisbon old town. That was definitely worth of a couple of missed talks.


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